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Grounded Futures Show

Mar 12, 2023

The Grounded Futures Show, Ep 23: Queer Brilliance, with Lindz Amer

“I hope that I can put a little bit of healing out into the world because I think we just need a lot more of that. There are a lot of hurt people out there.”

We had a pretty healing and joyful conversation with the fabulous writer, educator, and performer, Lindz Amer!  We talked about the importance of creating queer affirming media for little Kids (and their adults), joyfully stitching back together intergenerational connections within the LGBTQ+ communities, and traversing non-affirming spaces. We also get into the muck and nuance of tough topics and realities, such as anti-trans, transmisogyny, the many genders, sexuality, gender performance, power & privilege, socialisation, smashing the cis-hetero-patriarchy, and so much more. Let’s join Lindz in Spreading Queer Joy!

Show Notes

Lindz IG and twitter

Lindz website

Lindz podcast

Lindz book: Rainbow Parenting 

Disclosure Documentary 


YA Queer books:

Jonny Garza Villa

"Felix Ever After" by Kacen Callender

Steven Universe

Astrology: the chani app

Astrology for Writers

A league of our own (reboot)

Doc McStuffins 


Spirit Ranges

Blues Clues and You

Sailor Moon



Studio Ghibli Movies

Anime Series in general (Pokemon)


Little Bear


Lindz Amer creates LGBTQ+ and intersectional social justice media for kids and families. They created their beloved LGBTQ+ family webseries Queer Kid Stuff in 2016 which now has 4M lifetime views and counting! Their debut book "Rainbow Parenting: Your Guide to Raising Queer Kid and Their Allies" publishes on May 30, 2023 with St. Martin's Press. Currently, they host the Rainbow Parenting podcast, and perform at schools and libraries across the country, while also writing and consulting for children’s television. They worked with Nick Jr on the Webby award-winning Blues Clues & You “Pride Parade” music video, The Fabulous Show with Fay and Fluffy,  an upcoming episode of an extremely paw-pular show, and more! You can watch their TED Talk on why kids need to learn about gender and sexuality now with more than 2.5 million views! 

Music for our show by: Sour Gout

The GF Show art by Robin Carrico

Thanks for listening!