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Grounded Futures Show

Feb 12, 2023

The Grounded Futures Show, episode 22: Dreaming a Future, with carla and Uli 

                 Delighting  in our Friends!

Uli and carla spend episode 22 delighting in pals, AKA celebrating awesome artists, storytellers, and musicians who range in ages 3 - 63.  This is an uplifting episode where they share wonderful songs, swoon over friends, and weave in other musings — including how they each find thriving in the everyday! Happy Palentines!

      💫 YOU ARE LOVED💫

Show Notes:

Other Music played:

Music for our show by: Sour Gout

The GF Show art by Robin Carrico

Sound Editing by Chris Bergman


Thanks for listening!


Lyrics for I'm Still Here (U.S. Political Prisoner Never Forgotten version)

 [scott crow, Dissonance]

I'm still here

These song notes are kite notes

Fire blinking, spelling love in Morse code

Floating between bars with messages of life boats

No more pipelines, the pipe broke

We melted every cage into a key until our mouths could recite hope



He said when it rains he pretends the cement is the smell of wet stone

he said i want my grandkids to find fossils of prisons smelling sour 

like dead bones

The moon bowed to the birdsong morning

I'm trying to find god in an octave I'm still exploring

I mailed you libraries they threw em in the trash

The warden took your freedom but couldn't shackle your laugh

That's not dew, the prison grass is crying

The weeds that grow through the cracks is freedom trying

Birds drop seeds in the prison yard

Growing gardens of hope conspiring in the dark

The vines make a ladder and drape the barbwire

A crow flies overhead and drops a lighter

Orange reflects from her eye the image is fire

The ash swirls like a galaxy the stars wink and admire

He said "They will never be able to break me"

Turns out that's what broke the bars I've been reflecting on that lately

He said "I was dedicated to building things, not tearing them down"

He said “If you can breathe you can get through anything” I'm hearing him now

He said “If you can breathe you can get through anything” I'm hearing him now


[scott crow, Dissonance]

I'm still here


[Herman Wallace]

A defined voice

They removed my whisper

 From general population to maximum security

I gain a voice

They removed my voice from maximum security

To administrative segregation

My voice gave hope

They removed my voice from administrative segregation

To solitary confinement

My voice became vibration for unity

They removed by voice from solitary confinement

To the supermax of Camp J

And now they wish to destroy me

The louder my voice

The deeper they bury me

I said, the louder my voice

The deeper they bury me

Free all political prisoners

Prisoners of war

Prisoners of consciousness

Herman Wallace, Angola 3


[scott crow, Dissonance]

I'm still here



This is for:

Herman Wallace

Russell Maroon Shoatz

Marilyn Buck

Alvaro Luna-Hernandez

Iya Fulani Sunni-Ali

Romaine Chip Fitzgerald

Afeni Shakur

Delbert Africa

Safiya Asya Bukhari

Richard Mafundi Lake

Oscar Washington

Luis Rodriguez

Mondo We Langa

Phil Africa

Brian McCarvill

Hugo Yogi Bear Pinell

Geronimo Ji Jaga

William Lefty Gilday

Alan Berkman

Eddie Hatcher

Bashir Hameed

Robert Hillary King

Merle Africa

Kuwasi Balagoon

Robert Webb

Tom Manning


Albert Woodfox


[scott crow]

Dream of future, know your history

Organize your people, fight to win