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Grounded Futures Show

Nov 17, 2021

Grounded Futures: Season 2, Episode 13

“Neuroqueer is both an adjective and a verb. And so, automatically, the word has multiplicity built into it. And it invites you to play with the idea that who you are can also be an action.”

We are thrilled to welcome Kitty Sipple back to the show to talk about the roots and lineages of sanism, neuroqueerness, and Madness. Weaving them together in profound and powerful ways, Kitty also shares theirs and other folks' stories of resistance and thriving, and much more!

Twitter @fungi_femme

Link to Transcripts and more show notes 

Delighting in our Friends Segment:

 Hari Alluri ! 

 Dragon Shoots Its Whispers aka The Lightning Speaks!


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