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Grounded Futures Show

May 30, 2022

Grounded Futures Show, Season 2 - Ep #16

This is part one of our mini series on: Schooling, Education, and Finding Your Way

“I just have such a joy and a heart for helping parents to be what they really want to be with their kids, and really help that relationship flourish and move forward.”

Uilliam and carla sat down with Meghan Carrico, a long time participant and educator in creating alternate pathways to learning in community, including schools. We talk about finding joy while learning, the importance of community, and supporting the entire family to thrive. She also demystifies some of the misleading information about what it takes to get a highschool diploma,and other myths about youth finding their way into postsecondary institutions, career paths, and much else.


Final Straw

Meghan’s website

Victoria School of Innovation and Inquiry

Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry

Island Discovery



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