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Grounded Futures Show

Jun 8, 2023

The Grounded Futures Show, Episode 25: Remaining Unbroken, with chris time steele

“I've always been a rapper, since I was 12. So that's what I do. And it's the way I communicate best and most vulnerable.”

In their last episode of the season, Uli and carla share a wonderful talk-about with the always inspiring chris time steele!  A dreamer, writer, and poetic historian, chris’ digs into many topics, from Hip Hop to basketball to community organising to breaking apart propaganda to the philosophy and beauty of anime. We also play a game, talk about the importance of curiosity, care, and listening alongside being fearless as we break open and let go. There’s also some impressive freestyle and a fabulous song. 

Show notes:



chris time steele is a co-learner, hip-hop artist, journalist, storyteller, videographer, and writer. steele has an MA and is a precarious teacher who seeks to work outside typical teaching styles experimenting with hip-hop and co-mentorship. steele contributes to Truthout, has co-authored works with Noam Chomsky, Joy James, and Gerald Horne, and is host of the Time Talks podcast. Through music, under the alias Time, steele has worked with Common, Mick Jenkins, Xiu Xiu & Psalm One 

Music for our show by: Sour Gout

The GF Show art by Robin Carrico

Edited by Chris Bergman

Thanks for listening!