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Grounded Futures Show

Nov 15, 2022

The Grounded Futures Show, Ep 20: Alchemizing Futures, with Shaunga Tagore

“My desire is for everything in my life to be rooted in thriving, or the timeline of thriving.”

The magical episode where carla and Uli receive some deep healing via their wonderful guest, the quantum communicator, storyteller, weaver, and creatrix, Shaunga Tagore. Shaunga talks about their paradigm shifting project: Otherworldly Giants, as well as embracing ancestral connections, grief as love, communing with the cosmos and land, and of course, some Buffy! Enter into this magical portal with us, and feel and hear so much more!

Show Notes

Shaunga’s Otherworldly Giants:

Shaunga’s podcast:


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

She-ra: the Princess of Power +  the 80s version 



Shaunga Tagore is a queer, prizmatic (non-binary) theatre artist, writer, speaker, cat mama & Buffy enthusiast. (And they weren’t kidding when they called her, well, a witch.) Her witchy powers and ancestral roles include, but are not limited to: quantum communicator, creatrix, death doula, time keeper & grief worker. Shaunga is the founder of Otherworldly Giants, a creation company and storytelling school where we create and study stories that serve as altars for building a new world paradigm. Shaunga has spent the last decade working as an astrologer, cosmic coach, artist, and producer, primarily in queer, racialized, survivor, and disability justice oriented communities.

Music for our show by: Sour Gout

The GF Show art by Robin Carrico

Thanks for listening!